Signals are a high-end audio equipment supplier in Suffolk. They provide, in their own words, ‘hifi for grownups’. After we had a demo of one of their setups we can testify that the equipment they provide is truly high-end and of an outstanding quality.

They had a self build website which they’ve successfully used for the past few years, however, they recognised that they needed to up their game and have a beautiful website produced to promote their business to their target market. This is when we were asked to get involved.

After an initial consultation, research and wireframing we got straight to work. We were excited by what we could do for this project. We decided to keep it simple and let the imagery and the Signals unique tone of voice do the talking.

We added some subtle animation to enhance the experience and have produced, what we think to be, a beautiful website which the client is delighted with.

The website is fully responsive to work on mobile devices and delivers an exceptional experience. It’s simple, easy to navigate and displays their products in a way which reflects their high-end status.

The website has been built on the WordPress platform so the client has full access to manage every page themselves. We’ve also integrated Paypal buttons so their customers can buy accessories quickly and easily.

wp paypal

Impressive SEO Results


The previous Signals website wasn’t performing well at all in Google. So, on launch of the new website we started a thorough SEO campaign which targeted people searching for the brands they stock in various locations throughout East Anglia.

We optimised every page of the website to focus on these keywords and the results were very impressive. The keywords have improved by 3,133 places in Google, and 84% of them are within the top 3 places in the search results.

The client is regularly adding new content to the website, which is helping to constantly improve the rankings of these keywords. As a result the website has seen increased traffic levels and more enquiries.

Moving forwards

We will continue to perform SEO on the website and our next target will be to get 100% of our keywords in the top 3 places, then to the number 1 spot.

We are intent on making the Signals website the number 1 place to visit for high-end audio equipment in East Anglia.

The Result

The resulting website is beautiful, easy to use and the client is delighted with the outcome. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and with the client. We must get one of their systems installed in the office, I’m sure the neighbours will love that..!

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