London Gases

London Gases are London’s leading gas and solid fuel supplier, they deliver all types of gas to all types of businesses and residents across London. Their previous website didn’t allow for online ordering and was a little dated, it was therefore decided that it was a good time to have an ecommerce website designed and built.

To bring everything up to date, not only did the site need an overhaul, but the whole brand needed a bit of an update, with fresh messaging, the creation of some new graphics, and a slight tweak to the colour palette.

Postcode Checker & Delivery Day Selector

London Gases only deliver certain products to certain London postcodes, and only on certain days. This system makes sure that the customers deliveries are for the correct locations, and on the appropriate days.

Secure Area for Trade Customers with ‘Quick Order’ facility

London Gases have a lot of trade customers who know exactly what they need to order, and want to do so quickly. This quick ordering system streamlines this process.

Interactive Gas Chooser

For customers who aren’t quite sure what type of gas or accessory they require, a simple question and answer process was put in place to help them pick the right product.

11% Conversion Rate. Wow.

Since the site launched, we’ve been constantly working on it, with the aim of improving conversions by analysing the analytics and adapting the site to improve the conversion rate.


Since the launch we have helped London Gases achieve a conversion rate of 11% through our digital marketing campaigns. This is hugely impressive and is therefore generating a high number of orders through their ecommerce website.


The resulting website and brand refresh has had a significant impact on the brand, monthly orders have more increased more than 300% and the business continues to grow.

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