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Account Wryte are a well established firm of accountants based in Felixstowe, Suffolk. They had recently undergone a strategic review of the business, which highlighted the need for an overhaul of their brand identity and website, when they approached us to help. We had various conversations and arranged a workshop meeting to thrash out lots of ideas.

The existing website design was no longer considered fit for purpose as it was lacking in information, didn’t convey the personality or the brand values of the company and was not mobile responsive. The brand identity was outdated and the marketing and print collateral was not cohesive.

Our brief was to firstly create a brand identity that really conveyed the personality of the company and set it apart from the typical accountancy firm image, which could be used across all other marketing and print collateral from email templates to brochures and business stationary.The second step was to design and build a website which reflected that new identity, as well as being informative and fresh.

Brand Identity

The client was very keen to establish a fresh and modern brand identity that really reflected the personality of the company and set them apart from other local accountants. We spent some time brainstorming some ideas which would represent the company through a visual logo mark, language and tone of voice and future marketing campaigns.

We presented 3 branding routes to the client, who selected one of the variations, which we tweaked before creating a finished set of brand guidelines, detailing how the logo, fonts, colours and tone of voice should be applied across all online and offline marketing collateral.

The final brand identity was bright and colourful, fresh and modern and was centred around the passionate nature of the business, reflecting the bright personalities of the staff and setting them apart from the typical image of an accountancy firm.

Website Design and Build

Once we had a clear design style agreed via the brand identity, we were able to translate this across the website design, taking into consideration the use of these elements for both mobile and desktop devices.

The website design provided clear navigation, focussed on the 6 core services offered by Account Wryte in a clean and simple layout. The logo which is made up of 6 colours, each representing a core service, was reflected throughout the website design.

Each core service landing page contains a header image which is representative of the service and  is created as a duo-tone of the service colour. Within each header, the text reflects the the of voice created as part of the brand identity. The website is built on the WordPress platform, allowing Account Wryte staff to manage the content themselves.

Always moving forwards


We spent some time with the client advising them on the best way to provide copy for the website, to ensure that it was succinct, whilst being informative and optimised for search engines.

Design for Print

In addition to the branding and website build, we also designed business cards and letterheads and advised on the print format of these items.

We also produced a full page advert design for a local magazine to promote the launch of the new brand identity and website. The client has used our brand guidelines to produce various other printed items, such as signage for their offices and marketing brochures.

Digital Marketing

We advised the client that they could make use of their existing customer email database to produce an email announcing the launch of the new brand and website and we provided a design for this, as well as a template for future email marketing, to ensure that the brand is always represented in a uniform way across all marketing collateral.


The client is delighted with their new brand, literature and website. The initial reaction has been very positive with their clients and our digital marketing campaign is reaching more and more people each day.

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