Email Marketing

In a world where we are inundated with email marketing campaigns, how do you make sure yours stand out and get seen? You need to make sure they’re relatable, personal, timely and beautiful.
Email marketing is very powerful when done correctly.

Personalised, beautifully designed email marketing


With there being so much spam appearing in our inboxes these days, it’s a real challenge to cut through this noise to connect with your customer base. That’s why it’s so important to make sure every email campaign you send out is well considered, beautiful and reaches out to the recipient on a personal level.

We send out close to 1,000,000 emails each year on behalf of our clients across lots of campaigns. Each email marketing campaign we create goes through a rigorous process to ensure it looks stunning, it works on all devices, the content is compelling and personalised, and it’s being sent to the right people.

This means each of our email marketing campaigns boast high open rates and impressive click through rates (CTR) providing exceptional results to our clients.

Strategy and automation

It’s crucial to take your existing email database and understand how to use this data to your benefit and to generate more sales through your business using email marketing.

We will listen to your goals and business objectives and will deliver a robust email marketing strategy which has a big focus on generating you a large ROI.

We will create various automation strategies to slowly nurture contacts into completing our goals. For example, if a user subscribes to your database via your website we can send them out an automatic ‘welcome’ email, then enter them into a funnel of continued automatic emails providing lots of help and advice, each time with a clear call to action.

This is just one example. Contact us today to discuss your email marketing strategy.

Compelling email design and build

Once you’ve captured the recipients attention with your attractive subject line, we then only have a very short amount of time before the user loses interest and moves on. We will make sure your email has a big impact as soon as they open it. With clear messaging and imagery which they can relate to (based on purchase history, or the services you’ve provided them in the past). We will keep them interested and we will convince them to complete our goals for the campaign.

The build of each email marketing campaign is a thorough process. With so many different email clients and screen sizes to cater for, we will make sure the email is tested on multiple devices to ensure it delivers the best experience possible.

Email marketing is a service we love. The results are almost instant and there’s always a buzz around the office when a new campaign is launched. Contact us today to see how we can help with your email marketing campaigns.

Steps to Successful Email Marketing

Creating and delivering an effective email marketing campaign takes time, a lot of data manipulation, strategic thinking and testing. However, we want this to be a pain-free experience for you. So our simple process is as follows:

Listen & Learn – We listen to your objectives and develop a robust email marketing strategy which will deliver results.

Creation – We go through a design and build phase to create a beautiful email campaign. At the same time we’ll also optimise your email database and segment it into highly targeted lists.

Sending – Your email campaign will be thoroughly tested on a number of devices and screen sizes. When it’s sent you’ll have access to live reporting to watch the results roll in.

Reporting – We’ll look back on the campaign and report the results to you. We’ll use these results to continue to improve your email marketing campaigns.

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