Content Marketing

A good content marketing strategy will increase the number of high quality visitors to your website. This will increase engagement, give you improved brand exposure and generate you more leads.
Content marketing is more than just good copy. It will help your SEO and digital PR

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach. It’s the process of creating high quality, compelling content on a regular basis to attract a particular audience and engage with them.

Whilst creating high quality copy is critical to a successful content marketing strategy, it’s not everything. A great content marketing strategy allows you to connect with and build relationships with customers and keep them coming back to your website.

Content marketing will improve your SEO and keyword rankings, this, mixed with digital PR will help you become a voice of authority within your industry.

We specialise in content marketing and helping to drive quality traffic to your website. We do this using the following methods.

Content Creation & Blogging

Content Creation

We will have an initial consultation with you to discuss your requirements and goals for your content marketing campaign. We will then develop a strategy to meet these goals and produce high quality, compelling content on a regular basis for you. This could be twice-weekly, weekly, monthly, whatever!

All content we produce is of the highest standard and is written by professional copywriters who take the time to understand your business and your goals before they begin writing.

This approach ensures the content we are producing will capture the imagination of your target audience and keep them coming back.


Content marketing has a huge impact on the overall SEO of your website and can significantly increase the ranking of your website within the search engines.

Every piece of content we produce for you will be fully optimised around keywords relating to that post. We will place strategic links throughout the copy to other pages on your website to help with the Google crawling process and to encourage visitors to click through other content on your website.

Adding high-quality, relevant content to your website on a regular basis will encourage the Google bots to come back and revisit your website more often, and help to push it up the search rankings!

Social Sharing

We produce compelling content for your website on a regular basis, we want your visitors to read this, enjoy it and share it with their friends.

Social media is so powerful and allows us to connect with people we never thought we’d be able to connect with, from anywhere in the world. Social networking websites make it easy for us to share content on their platforms, they want us to. So we’ll implement social sharing buttons on your content so your readers can share it with their friends from a simple click of their mouse.

We will also share your content throughout your social media accounts to get it reaching far and wide. This process generates results almost instantly. It’s exciting to watch your content being loved by so many people!

Blogger Outreach

Why is blogger outreach important?

By developing a strong relationship with a number of influential bloggers we are able to collaborate and work together to improve your SEO, content marketing and social media presence.

Many influential bloggers write copy for their website (and others) as a full time job, and they tend to have a huge following. Many bloggers specialise in their own particular subjects, and therefore have relevant followers who are interested in the content they produce.

By working with bloggers from a variety of industries, we’re able to get your content in front of thousands of readers who are genuinely interested in what you have to say.

A strong network of bloggers

We have developed relationships with trusted bloggers from a whole range of industries. These bloggers take the time to understand your business and your goals before they start any content marketing on your behalf.

Once content has been produced and approved by you, it will then be submitted to their website and various social media accounts packed full of followers who are genuinely interested in your business.

This helps to generate results almost instantly. It helps to increase your brand exposure, and with clever link placements it will help to improve the overall SEO of your online presence.

Need help blogging?

Many clients have a blog on their website and know they need to post to it regularly, but are too busy to spend the time on this.

Let’s have a chat to discuss your goals, we can then put a content marketing plan in place to meet your goals. We’ll then take care of all of your blog posts and will create content on a regular basis, posting it to your website and on various social media accounts.

Each month we will prepare a report and talk you through this so you can see exactly the impact your content marketing campaign has had on your online presence.

Speak to us today, we’d love to hear from you.

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