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The Power of Social Networking

January 20, 2012

We love using social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook, they are a fantastic tool for engaging with family, friends, colleagues and other professionals quickly and easily.

When we talk to clients about using Twitter and Facebook we often hear that they are too busy to use them or are not 100% sure how they work, some are even a little reluctant to use them. My advice on that is to make time.Twitter especially has been very successful for us and a number of our clients. We have won numerous projects through Twitter, we talk to some very interesting people and our first team member came to us via Twitter!

We built a website for a client and it runs off of our CaffeineCommerce platform, the websites sells jewellery and a percentage of every sale goes to charity to help fund aid in Africa. The website was noticed by celebrity Harry Judd and he tweeted about it, that night alone there were a few thousand visits to the site and they took over 300 orders. All because of a simple 140 character message on Twitter. Yes, he does have a huge amount of followers, but Twitter really can win you business and is not to be overlooked.

So, if you haven’t had time to look into social networking then I strongly advise that you do, if used correctly it really can benefit your business. You’ll also chat with some very interesting people along the way!

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