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Marketing is an exciting field, with a constantly increasing “toolkit” to make your website stand out – but it’s all too easy to lose sight of the most important thing!

Of course, it’s vital to look at SEO, analytics, blogs, linked posts and social media. However, the next time you are browsing through websites, look for those who miss the most simple, effective device of them all. An understanding of who they are talking to.

Whether you are selling pet food or luxury hotels, widgets or accountancy services, your customer has one question to ask – what’s in it for me?

Your website has to answer that instantly, with the benefits of your product or service right at the forefront.

A substantial number of people will stay on your website for less than 30 seconds. If you can get them to linger and explore for two minutes, that’s the sign of a successful website. That’s 30 seconds to grab and hold their attention. If they don’t see anything that talks specifically to them in that time, they’re off.

Consumers are more sophisticated in their buying decisions; gathering information from phones, tablets and watches anywhere, anytime. Your website needs to show authority and relevance in the blink of any eye. It has to be based on in-depth understanding of your customers and what they are looking for.

Of course, this is a lot to do with content marketing. For example, not all customers will buy from you if they first thing they read on your homepage is the year you were founded. Or perhaps your devotion to SEO is making your content disjointed and hard to scan quickly.

Nor is an effective website just about the high impact home page wording and content that includes the words and phrases customers look for. Your overall design needs to “speak” to your potential customer, using their language. It’s not just about communication through words either. Each image, menu and heading contributes to the way your page scans when a customer lands on it – so all these features play a role in attracting and retaining attention.

Website design and build is not all whistles and bells. Central to driving traffic is knowing who you are talking to, what you want to say, and what they want to hear! If you’d like to get our expert advice, contact Creative Intent today.

Paul Mayne
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