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“Content is king” may have become something of a cliche in marketing circles in recent years, but this doesn’t make it any less true. The fact is, any marketing campaign that doesn’t have a strong content writing presence is likely to miss out on major opportunities to achieve their KPIs.

With Google’s algorithms getting more sophisticated all the time, and a strong weighting towards the user experience over quick wins and keyword stuffing, this is especially true of SEO campaigns. These days, practically any SEO department worth their salt will work closely with a team of copywriters, with many hiring dedicated content writing staff within their own team.

The key to content writing for SEO is that there’s no such thing as writing for Google – or any of the other major search engines – anymore. It’s all about writing for people. SEO helps to put your website or landing page in front of a user, and content writing encourages them to take an action that will hopefully convert into a sale or a lead.

But even getting your website in front of the user via an SEO campaign requires strong input from a content writing team. Because it’s the combination of keyword research and original, relevant content that plays a key role in determining how your pages will rank.

On a technical level, SEO content writing will often start with the titles and meta descriptions. Getting the relevant keywords in place isn’t enough, this content also needs to read well, include some key benefits and selling points, and encourage the user to click through to find out more. Achieving all this in a very strict character limit without sacrificing on quality takes a professional writer.

Another important element of making sure your content ranks well is to produce strong original content on your website and landing pages. From the initial calls to action to long form case studies, product descriptions and white papers, you need to have content that doesn’t just tick the boxes but represents real value that users will respond to by clicking through, downloading and spending longer on your site. If you can achieve that, you have the foundations for a highly successful SEO campaign.

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