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Visiting a new website shouldn’t be a difficult or stressful task – and yet, it can be. Visitor satisfaction and site usability are paramount in ensuring that users remain on your page, and don’t navigate away to others.

There are several simple ways to make users more comfortable on your site, and ensure that your visitors are satisfied with their experience.

1. Introduce a chat-box

Live chat-boxes are becoming increasingly widely-used in recent years, particularly for SMEs and start-ups. This is because these companies are less established in their chosen marketplace, and as such may be required to explain their USPs and commitments to potential clients. By offering a chat service, your website and yourselves are not only engaging on a personal level and increasing brand loyalty, you are also offering exceptionally simple and straightforward customer service to your clientele.

2. Introduce a blog or content stream

Also popular with SMEs and start-ups, a blog is a relatively simple way of meeting many requirements of your users. On a basic level, it will engage your visitors and keep them on your site – meaning that your service will be subliminally drawing their attention. Blogs and articles are also a great way of proving your expertise and knowledge of a particular area, or even increasing brand loyalty by generating content that your users will identify with on a personal level. Informed, technical blogging will convince your readers that you completely understand that area, leading them to trust your expertise and potentially depend upon you for it in the future.

3. Exceptional graphic design

If a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s clear that visually engaging users is critical in order to keep them interested in your site. It’s worth stating the difference between exceptional graphic design and complicated graphic design – sometimes, the most user-friendly approach is to keep things organised, simple and kind to the eyes of the users. By making your website look professional, you will induce a sense of trust and confidence between yourself and your potential customers.

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