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Social media should now be a staple part of any business’s online marketing plan. Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest, here are 3 simple social media marketing tips to help you get ahead.

Be visual

We now live in an incredibly visual world. No longer can we just tell people about something, we need to show them. People will always respond to and share more content that they can relate to visually. Things like infographics, striking images and informative or funny videos that can back up what you’re saying will always be a winner.

Be personal

People can now contact businesses via social media when they have a complaint. This can sometimes leave you in a tricky situation as the public can see both the complaint and your response. In this case, you can turn it into a real positive by being incredibly compassionate to each person’s individual needs. Simple things like using the person’s name or using your own (or even a generic name) when responding make the person feel much more valued. Be sure to respond quickly, too, to address the situation before it turns negative.

On top of being personal when dealing with a complaint, it’s great to be personal when sharing insights into your business with the public. Things like photos of staff or future projects that are coming up can help your followers feel engaged and part of the team, helping to increase their brand loyalty.

Be consistent

There’s no point starting off “all guns blazing” with your new Facebook business page in the first week and then stopping when you’ve got too much on. Posts need to be done consistently. If you can’t do them yourself, you need to delegate to somebody else in your team to keep that momentum going.

It takes a lot of time and effort to keep on top of your digital marketing and update your social media feeds with insightful, current and engaging content. That’s why hiring a professional company to do the job for you can relieve stress so that you can focus on running your business. Contact us at Creative Intent to see how we can help.

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